Lasting Impressions at SNAP

facebook2Lasting Impressions is an exhibition of print works made by University of Alberta Art and Design final year undergraduate and first year graduate students who specialize in printmaking. Undergraduate printmaking students learn traditional mediums such as etching, lithography, silkscreen and relief printing, which in their final year they are encouraged employ as part of their developing contemporary art practice. As a result, there is a broad range of both traditional and highly innovative printmaking on display in this exhibition from woodcuts of bovine heads printed on to leather, to CGI generated plant imagery printed as cyanotypes, to an Instagram feed printed as traditional etchings, to laser cut unmade beds blind embossed into paper.  The University of Alberta Printmaking department is very proud to present this extremely high quality exhibition at SNAP, the organization which promises to continue to nurture and support the future of these emerging contemporary artists.

Lasting Impressions has been curated by Assistant Professor of Printmaking Marilene Oliver to reflect four subject based seminars that students organized as part of their printmaking studies this term on Identity, Sustainability, Loneliness and Caring, and Technology and the Hand.


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