Graduate Course


The MFA in printmaking provides graduates with in-depth training in print studio practices, including the development of refined technical, formal and conceptual skills. In addition, graduate students are also mentored in creative research methodologies that enable them to more effectively support their studio practice with academic research and/or theoretical discourse related to their thesis topic. Students also gain insights into how their own studio practice relates and intersects with questions within the broader field of contemporary printmaking/art. Although the program is focused on print studio practices, students can engage in cross-media creative work that could include drawing, video, sculpture and installation. Many final thesis MFA printmaking exhibitions reflect this pluralistic approach to creative practice; however, students are required to produce a thesis exhibition that retains a strong link to printmaking, and which has a cohesive and thematic/conceptual focus.

There are numerous funding opportunities for students throughout the program including scholarships, research assistantships and teaching assistantships. Teaching experience is stressed in the program and there are also opportunities for students to teach as primary instructors in printmaking, foundation and drawing courses.

This focus on both creative research and teaching has enabled many of our MFA graduates to engage in successful and active careers as visual artists, as well as secure tenure-track teaching positions at post-secondary institutions around the world including the Alberta College of Art and Design, Alberta; Concordia University, Quebec; University of New Mexico, New Mexico, USA, and University of Tennessee, Tennessee, USA, among many others. For more information about our current graduates and alumni please see the Student section of this website.