Luke Johnson

History Lesson, collaged intaglio and hand coloring on panel, silver gelatin photographic prints and etchings mounted on Crescent Board, solander boxes, table top, Gunlocke office chairs, 2016

Luke Johnson is a visual artist working in print media and installation.  Originally from Minnesota, he received his BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2016, with an emphasis in print media and painting, and is currently an MFA candidate in printmaking at the University of Alberta.  His work has been exhibited regionally and nationally in the United States, as well as internationally in Armenia and Australia.

In my artwork, I am concerned foremost with the notion of ‘the archive’, and the way in which our society chooses which materials are important to ‘official’ history, and what is discarded. Through processes of research, interpretation, and dissemination of materials, including historical print media, interior decor, and other ephemera, I create prints, publications, and site-responsive installation works tracing how identity is constructed and value assigned through collecting and archiving.

Recent series explore the specific nature of private and semi-public archives, and the precariousness of information held by collections whose status is in flux.  These works investigate notions of authenticity and truth, the role of the researcher as interpreter, and the status of information beyond the realm of standard cataloguing.