Patrick J. Reed

Distant Hammers 13 2006, graphite, coloured pencil, oil paint, collage on handmade paper

Patrick J. Reed is an artist and writer originally from Iowa City, Iowa. He received his MFA in printmaking from the University of Alberta Department of Art and Design in 2010. After
studying papermaking at the University of Iowa Center for the Book, he relocated to Munich, Germany in 2014 with the support a Fulbright Award to conduct creative research as the inaugural artist-in-residence at the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society. This research culminated in the solo exhibition, Distant Hammers at KN: Raum für Kunst im Kontext, in Berlin, Germany. His work continued with the Carson Center the following year with a DAAD Award. Currently, he lives and works in Berlin.


Distant Hammers is a series of drawings based on sixteenth-century German woodcut prints depicting natural disasters. The drawings are generated of early Modern sources but possess an aesthetic lexicon and conceptual foundation informed by current eco-critical thought. A compendium of folklore, religious texts, and scientific treatises, the drawings constellate past and present modes of coping with climate extremes, the aesthetics and practicalities of which are so often flavoured with the apocalyptic. As visual catalogues for living on the brink, the drawings rely on their historical origins to contextualize the unprecedented crises of our rapidly transitioning environmental culture and insist upon recognition of its urgency.