Phoebe Todd-Parrish

Living Room, screen print on canvas, reclaimed victorian sofa, 7.5 feet (length) x 2 feet (depth), 2014

Phoebe Todd-Parrish is currently pursuing her Masters of Fine Arts in Printmaking at the University of Alberta. Having previously completed her MA in English at York University, and her undergraduate BFA in Visual Arts and English, her practice incorporates her interest in both disciplines. Phoebe has shown work in a number of group shows in Toronto and with Print-based artists groups. Phoebe was the recipient of the inaugural Jeannie Thib printmaking award during her final year at York University and has participated in a number of artists’ residencies, including an emerging artists’ residency at The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.

During her undergraduate career, Phoebe’s work explored the technical limitations of fine-art print practices, digital technologies and sculptural installation. Her interest in language and narrative led her to investigate the possibilities of the artists’ book as an interactive art form. Phoebe’s print practice focuses on the notion of desire for connection and communication in living and non-living things (present/absent, real/imagined) in a shared environment. In an ever-more augmented reality, Phoebe is interested in exploring tensions and dissolutions between imagined/invented and inner/outer “worlds”. Aesthetically, she is interested in the idea of the decorative (outer world) as declaration, as transmission and utterance.

Phoebe is very much looking forward to being a part of the esteemed Printmaking area at the University of Alberta and studying in a program that is known for having alumnus and faculty that have excelled in traditional and more experimental or interdisciplinary methods of printmaking.

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