Tad Warszynski

Landscape with Golden Cage, woodcut, image size, 60 x 90cm 2010

Tadeusz Warszynski was born in 1955 in Poland. He was studying music from early age, eventually receiving his Master of Music Degree in percussion instruments from the Gdansk Academy of Music in 1980.

In 1982 he moved with his family to Edmonton, Canada. Here he was able to pursue his ongoing interest with visual art. He received his Master of Fine Arts in Printmaking from University of Alberta, Edmonton in 1996. His works were shown in galleries in USA, Germany, France, South Korea, Japan and Turkey among many other in across Canada. The group show “Printfluence” that he is a part off was chosen to be included in 2014-2015 TRAX Traveling Alberta Exhibition, he was representing Canada in “Formative Impressions” KCPA International Printmaking Exhibition 2014′ 8 Pacific nations, that took place in South Korea in September of 2014.

He lives with his wife Tatiana Warszynski and their children and works in his printmaking studio in Edmonton, Alberta.

Since 1993 he is involved in teaching art as a sessional instructor in printmaking at U of A.


Letter of Intent

Change, passage of time, birth and death are the themes that are always present in my work. As an artist, I am interested in recreating sensations that are unspoken and universal at the same time. Very often there is a paradox or contradiction that brings feelings of uncertainty or suspension. This is important to me because it helps to create an ongoing dialogue with the viewer (no conclusion) and becomes a great metaphor for life where nothing is as it seems.

The process of printmaking is enhancing and enriching my imagery. The multi-layered images create the emotional density as well as the tonal qualities I am looking for. The very nature of making plates, their sculptural body and the necessity of pre-visualization of the image further enrich my experience with the medium.