Year 1 (300 level)

Art 322 Introductory Level: Screenprint and Intaglio/Relief

Art 322 is an intensive studio-based course intended to provide the student with a broad range of information and formal and conceptual experiences. This course serves as an introduction to the contemporary, historic, technical and aesthetic languages of printmaking. Emphasis at this level is placed on the acquisition of basic formal and visual communication and technical abilities. Personal initiative, developing organizational skills and the establishment of good work habits are essential to the successful completion of this course.

Six major projects are completed over the period of this course (three per term), with half of the academic year focused on silkscreen and the other half on intaglio/relief. Initial projects tend to have a greater focus on the development of technical skill, and as the term progresses the focus of the assignments shifts to emphasize formal and conceptual development. In addition to the major projects, students are expected to do numerous preparatory works such as drawings and collages, research in the library and/or investigating various motivational materials or sources outside the studio, and researching contemporary and historic examples of printmaking in the Print Study Centre. The course is designed to develop verbal communication skills so that students can actively participate in individual/group critics and discussions. Students are also expected to develop a greater understanding of the printmaking and art community outside of the university. Students are strongly advised to attend visiting speaker presentations and are encouraged to visit public, non-profit, and commercial galleries in the local community.

First proofs of Intaglio/Relief’s lino project