Year 3 (500 level)


Art 522 Senior Level Printmaking

At the senior level, the student articulates his/her ideas, in consultation with the instructor and classmates, to define their individual direction of research. Self-motivation is essential at this level and students should initiate dialogue by pursuing and identifying questions central to their work. Students develop a series of related works that reflect personal engagement, expression of ideas, critical thinking and selectivity, plus an increased level of skill with print media, including further experimentation with both traditional and contemporary materials and processes.

The course begins with a series of demonstrations that outline photo-based printmaking techniques including traditional darkroom processes, photo-intaglio, photolithography, photo-screen, as well as digital processes. In addition to the production of traditional prints, students are introduced to alternative approaches to printmaking such as print-installation or the production of mixed-media works on paper (i.e. digital/print or drawing/print).

The number of prints completed varies in relation to individual directions; however, students are expected to produce a body of work that is at a professional level by the end of the year (i.e. work that would be appropriate for an application to graduate school or to a professional gallery for emerging artists). At the 500 level students develop further creative research and communication skills, and expand their awareness and engagement with the local, national, and international arts community (i.e. interaction with visiting artists, and/or public and non-profit arts organizations such as the Society of Northern Alberta Print-Artists). The course also develops practical skills necessary to pursue professional development after completing a BFA/BA such as writing a CV, artist statement, grant application, and preparing a portfolio to apply for graduate school, a grant, or a gallery.

In addition to their regular class critiques, senior level students have two major critiques each year in which they present their work to all of the faculty and sessional instructors in the Printmaking Area as well as to their fellow students.

Art 525/Des 525: Senior Word and Image

This course explores the creative and conceptual possibilities of combining words and images in the context of print media. This course runs concurrently with the Art/Des 425 class and students from both courses work on related projects; however, the senior students in this course are expected to resolve and discuss their work at a higher level of sophistication. (If a student is also enrolled in Art 522 at the same time, some linkages may develop between these classes in terms of the conceptual and formal direction in their work.) Art/Des 525 students are expected to take a leadership role in the class providing mentoring experiences that benefit students at both levels. In addition to their regular class critiques, these senior Word and Image students are expected to participate in two major critiques involving all the faculty and contract instructors in the Printmaking Area, as well as their fellow students.